Workfront Allows Marketing Agency C3 to Reduce Project Routing Time by 75%

by Shelbi Gomez
, 3 min read

C3 pushes boundaries, positions itself for greater success with Workfront

SILICON SLOPES, UTAH — July 11, 2017 — In order to standardize processes and create work efficiencies, C3(Creative Consumer Concepts), the largest family and kid-focused marketing and design agency in the US, implemented Workfront®, the leading provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solutions. Since implementing Workfront, the agency has centralized work efforts, increased visibility into projects, and standardized work processes — leading to project routing time being reduced by 75%, while increasing project visibility.

Prior to implementing Workfront, C3 gave team members the ability to individually choose the tools and workflows that they would be working with to create project timelines and execute other project management initiatives. However due to lack of visibility into projects, if an employee changed course, other team members wouldn’t find out until it was too late. 

Historically, C3 also had inefficient routing and reporting processes. Job jackets were created for each printing assignment and then were physically routed to creative team members. Once the creative team had finished the task, the project manager would then manually collect each design and add a new routing approval slip on top of the job jacket before physically walking around the building to get approvals from stakeholders.

“Reviews would literally go person to person,” said Emily Higinbotham, C3 project manager. “It took a lot of time and was high maintenance to prepare and then wait for, then sort through, and file the physical packets. Of course [design] changes meant I would do the same thing a second or third time. It was very time consuming.”

The use of job jackets for assignments and routing also created visibility challenges. C3 had no transparency into schedules of overall project timelines, which impacted individual accountability.

“We wanted a partner that had already thought through how to effectively track and report on projects; one that understood how to provide true visibility and accountability. That is why we chose Workfront,” says Higinbotham.

C3 now uses Workfront templates to streamline repeatable work so jobs no longer have to be created from scratch each time. Using Workfront’s online proofing capabilities, C3 has automated approvals, which eliminates the time-consuming, manual creation of routing approval packets and physically filing feedback. In addition to saving time, every team member of the C3 team now has instant visibility into the project and can see where the bottleneck occurs with review and approvals.

“Workfront has given our workflow a level of visibility and access that we have never had before,” said Doug Kubert, creative director at C3. “It’s helped us track and manage projects from the finest detail to the broadest overview, allowing us to see both the forest and the trees.”

Additional benefits C3 has experienced since implementing Workfront include:

  • ROI equates to one average annual salary— Workfront saves approximately 30 people one hour of time per week, which is the equivalent of the average salary within the agency.
  • 75% reduction in routing time — Workfront has eliminated the need for C3 project managers to manually create, route, and physically file every routing sheet. Through Workfront automation, project managers now focus on creating more efficiencies within the agency.
  • 50% reduction in approval time — Workfront has cut internal approval times from a day or more, to less than half a day.
  • 25% efficiency gain in project set up — Workfront reduced the time it took to set up tasks and timelines — from two hours for the first timeline, to under 15 minutes per timeline for subsequent projects.
  • More productive meetings — Workfront promotes discussion and provides a healthy kickoff on projects. Because project timelines are already created, participants come better prepared to meetings.

“Workfront gives us greater transparency, which leads to improved collaboration and better relationships,” adds Higinbotham. “Both of those benefits result in better products, higher revenue, and increased employee satisfaction.”

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