Workfront Boosts Project Management Capabilities and Operations for Leapfrog

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SILICON SLOPES, UT — May 11, 2016 — High growth and low project visibility across client teams led Leapfrog, a digital performance marketing agency, to implement Workfront to help improve company-wide project management. Since implementing, Leapfrog has greatly improved operations and visibility into their work, with benefits such as a 94% reduction in project creation time, 50% reduction in project-related emails, and the ability to effectively scope out projects ahead of their timelines.

Prior to deploying Workfront, Leapfrog had little transparency into cross-functional client work, and lacked standardized workflows for projects. According to Eric Cuevas, senior program manager at Leapfrog, “Our approach was open rather than hierarchical and consistent, and our systems needed to communicate at a high level. Instead of many tools and individual processes, we wanted a standardization across client teams and a solution that would enable large-scale project planning.”

Within a month of implementing Workfront, Leapfrog successfully eliminated separate time tracking and project management systems, gaining efficiencies while saving approximately $35,000 annually. Workfront also enabled the agency to standardize the project request process by enabling requestors to provide all key project information up front, which sped up project throughput.

“Since deploying Workfront, we have fewer unexpected project issues and I personally have experienced huge time savings; 90% reductions sometimes in the amount of time I am spending now compared to the time I previously spent on the same task,” added Cuevas.

“With Workfront, we’ve upped our project management skill sets and best practices, “ said Mike Moskowitz, Vice President of Marketing Operations at Leapfrog. “ It’s an ideal, data-driven solution for managers to quickly see and address where team members are facing challenges.”

In addition to improving project visibility and operational efficiency, Leapfrog has achieved the following benefits with Workfront:

  • Improved project management — The Workfront solution has enforced project management best practices, and created a culture of accountability due to the solution’s transparency.
  • 94% reduction in time to create new project — Workfront templates reduced project creation from four hours to fifteen minutes.
  • 50% reduction in project-related emails — The standardized workflows in Workfront ensure that each project has the details required for agency team members to complete their work; ultimately reducing email traffic and driving the project forward faster.
  • Enhanced visibility — Team members can now scope out work beyond the typical two-to-four week queue.

“The next step for us is resource allocation. Workfront will make it easier to see what has been done in the past and what is being done now, across functions, “ concluded Moskowitz.

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