Workfront Continues to Transform the Digital Workplace with Latest Product Release

by Shelbi Gomez
, 2 min read

SILICON SLOPES, UTAH — September 1, 2017 — Workfront®, the leading provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solutions, today announced new capabilities to help organizations democratize work, eliminate manual tasks, and reduce duplication.

This product release is the second of three major product releases for the year. Among the key features as part of the 2017.2 release are: real-time event subscriptions, resource scheduling, and improved proofing resolutions.

“I am impressed with the direction of Workfront’s new resourcing and scheduling tools,” said David Cornwell, PMO at Pentana Solutions. “Our users are already reporting great improvements with features delivered to-date, such as the new project scheduling screen. We look forward to implementing further functionality as it is delivered in the near future.”

“Reigniting workplace productivity will require a reinvention in how we approach knowledge work, meaning we must equip teams with technology that allows for more remote collaboration, access to previous work to eliminate duplication and enables team members to work the way they want to work,” said Steven ZoBell, Workfront Chief Product & Technology Officer. “The new Workfront 2017.2 release is a huge stepping stone toward complete work automation and shows Workfront is dedicated to being at the forefront of digital transformation in the workplace.”

Push Work Forward with Realtime Event Subscriptions

Organizations can keep work flowing across the enterprise with real-time integration of external tools – such as Tableau or Salesforce – by leveraging Event Subscriptions. This update to the Workfront API allows users to drive work forward by creating fast, triggered experiences and workflows throughout productivity, marketing, reporting, and other enterprise tools. Previously, integrations would have to periodically sync Workfront with external platforms on a regular basis.  This update aims to create boundary-less integration on an enterprise-wide scale.

Improved Resource Scheduling

In additional to real-time integration, Workfront 2017.2 helps managers prioritize their teams’ tasks and “get home on time” with updates to resource scheduling. The new scheduler makes assigning work simple by providing visibility into availability, priority of work by team, and scope of work for quick assignments and scheduling. Reduce the burnout your team experiences when they have too much on their plate, and help them produce their best work with a balanced load. It also engages workers throughout the entire organization through easy event-triggered integrations and request forms accessible from anywhere.

Proof and Review from Anywhere with Improved Proofing Resolutions

A long-time struggle for producers of creative work is making sure the work looks great on the many digital devices being used. You can build a file on your computer, but not really have a clear picture of how it will look in production on a web browser, or a mobile phone. With Workfront 2017.2, users can now ensure that their content will look great on any device with customized or pre-determined proofing resolutions.

The release of Workfront 2017.2 is the second of three work automation updates anticipated from the company’s product development team in 2017. Visit our website for more information on Workfront 2017.2 and how Workfront continues to democratize the workplace.

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