Workfront Enables Infuse Medical to Save Staff Up to Ten Hours Per Week and Transform Its Business Model

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SILICON SLOPES, UT— September 15, 2015 — Workfront, the leading provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solutions, has enabled full-service interactive marketing agency Infuse Medical to streamline workflows, automate time-tracking, improve employee productivity and generate real-time reports. After implementing Workfront, the greater efficiency that Infuse Medical achieved led to project mangers reclaiming up to ten hours per week. Agency developers are also saving time. With their tasks personalized and accessible, they save roughly 30 minutes per day.

Infuse Medical is the leading digital agency for medical device industry, creating mobile apps, education and sales tools, and promotional digital content. Since 2007 the agency has served the majority of Fortune 500 and 1000 medical device companies. At any given time Infuse Medical is managing 50 to 70 client projects. Solid growth notwithstanding, the agency was relying on outdated systems and processes to meet project delivery schedules. Infuse Medical chose to evaluate its work delivery process, and determined that it could save its employees time and boost profitability by optimizing its project workflows and by doing away with manual time-tracking and resourcing.

Planning, delivery and resourcing processes were inconsistent

Prior to Workfront, Infuse Medical was relying on outdated systems and processes to keep up with client delivery schedules. Disconnected tools, such as email, Basecamp and Smartsheets, made it difficult to track and manage tasks, project issues and deliverables. Whenever a prospective client solicited a bid, four to five employees needed two to four hours to develop a project plan. Once a job began, the agency had minimal visibility into how much work went beyond the project scope or how much rework was needed. Infuse Medical could only log those changes using time-consuming manual tracking.

“Although we carefully managed opportunities in Salesforce, our project planning, delivery, and resourcing processes were inconsistent, which meant execution wasn’t always smooth,” said Bryce Owen, Vice President of Project Management. “By optimizing the flow of work, our teams could spend less time prioritizing tasks and more time collaborating to achieve on-time delivery without scrambling to meet deadlines.”

With the Workfront Marketing Work Management solution, Infuse Medical was able to streamline its new business process, so that just two individuals are now able to scope a project in 30 minutes, much faster than the two to four hours previously needed. Creative and development personnel at the agency can view a “My Work” page assigned to them, getting up to speed faster each day on their specific tasks. Workfront also provides the agency with at-a-glance visibility into upcoming project work, and enables executives to more easily assign and reassign tasks, and balance workloads.

“We definitely had the people, power, and knowledge to get things done before we deployed Workfront, but now we are organized in a way that is transparent to the entire organization,” explained Owen.

The transparency that Workfront provides enabled Infuse Medical to shift from fixed-price bidding to a time-and-materials business model, increasing both customer satisfaction and profits. Each week the Workfront solution emails reports featuring real-time data. As a result weekly review meetings that were once three hours now last under an hour.

“Workfront optimized our delivery process, eliminating manual processes and automating time tracking, and we’ve been using it successfully for more than 300 projects in a seven-month period,” said Owen.

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