Workfront Enables Xchanging to Increase Project Visibility, Reduce Meetings and Work More Proactively

by Shelbi Gomez
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LONDON — August 2, 2016 —In order to tackle a company-wide initiative to improve internal project management processes and establish change management as a core IT competency, Xchanging, a leading provider of next-generation technology solutions and services, implemented Workfront as its enterprise work management system. Since implementing Workfont, the company’s Group, Technology and Change (GTC) team has been able to increase internal project visibility, reduce time spent in meetings, and transition the company’s Project Management Office (PMO) from being reactive to proactive.

Prior to Workfront, the global GTC staff had disparate processes for project plans and stage-gate approvals.  Project managers would create and track work in spreadsheets and distribute the information via email. The team also spent days building basic reports for lengthy status meetings, but because things were done manually they were prone to errors.  The GTC team also struggled to compare work requests and prioritize them strategically, leaving project managers unsure if employees were doing the right work at the right time. Capacity planning was also an issue because Microsoft Project and spreadsheets could not accurately estimate the utilization of contract team members during a project’s duration.

“We wanted to avoid duplicate work by breaking down projects into tasks that could be documented, assigned, prioritized, tracked, and recorded in an enterprise project management system,” said Stuart Fiszzon, head of the office of the CIO at Xchanging. “We really needed a solution that would give us a way to drive efficiency while also improving project management and visibility.”

Since deploying Workfront, Xchanging has achieved the following benefits:

  • Reduced Meeting Time from 6 Hours to 30 Minutes — Workfront replaced time-consuming approval processes allowing the GTC team to gain tremendous efficiency from not having to manually track governance approvals.  In addition, Xchanging is now able to produce automated and customizable­ dashboards and reports in seconds.
  • Increased Visibility into Projects and Capacity —Workfront gave the GTC teams greater visibility and control over portfolios, programs, projects, and resources. Within Workfront, GTC has improved its understanding of resource utilization versus capacity planning, and is beginning to achieve efficiency savings by enabling users to increase outputs.
  • Established a Mature PMO Function — Workfront gave project managers the ability to ensure teams are strategically working on the right projects at the right times. By automating the enforcement methodology, governance, and stage-gate process, the company PMO has evolved from a reactive to a proactive entity with enhanced predictability, transparency, and risk management capabilities.

“Workfront has been life changing,” adds Fiszzon. “PMO governance and data optimization processes are typically manually intensive. By automating them, Workfront liberated our team. Workfront provides baselines that drive continuous improvement and add significant value.”

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