Workfront Improves BBVA Compass Web Team Daily Project Throughput by 50 Percent

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SILICON SLOPES, UT — December 15, 2015— BBVA Compass has deployed Workfront to coordinate and provide visibility for all digital projects across the organization. As a result, the financial institution has significantly increased its web team productivity. Because the team members spend less time in meetings, they have more time to be creative—gaining back an average of 20 hours a week to accomplish additional project work.

In the past, the web team found it challenging to meet targeted publish dates because it managed roughly 1,000 project requests from more than 150 different requestors across the bank's lines of business via email and an Excel spreadsheets. To keep up with the high request volume, web team members regularly participated in lengthy meetings, which negatively impacted working time.

"When we worked in Excel, it was difficult to meet a project’s scheduled publish date. I had to manage so many requests that I set up folders to match our workflow process, then I’d archive them weekly to save my email from crashing," said Maryland Tracy, Web Traffic Manager for BBVA Compass. "The process was inefficient, which is why I began researching project management solutions in early 2014."

Today, BBVA Compass uses the robust project and work management capabilities in the cloud-based Workfront solution to improve daily project throughput by 50%. All comments and questions—to and from requestors and web team members—are tracked in the appropriate project rather than in email, resulting in dramatic improvements in communication. Additionally, web team members use Workfront Digital Proofing to manage content and design revisions, keeping projects on track. Workfront has also streamlined the bank’s approval process by capturing requests, reviews, and approvals in a single system instead of in multiple emails per project.

“Everything is visible in Workfront. Transparency increases requestor confidence and web team satisfaction while reducing stress,” said Tracy. “Our team members love Workfront because it helps prioritize what they should be working on each day. Workfront saves us a tremendous amount of time.”

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