Workfront Improves Foolproof’s Forecast Utilization and Project Schedule Accuracy

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LONDON — November 25, 2015 — Foolproof, a leading experience design agency with offices in the U.K. and Singapore, has doubled the capacity of their projects by deploying Workfront, the leading provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solutions.

A key part of the improvements for Foolproof are a result of Workfront’s time tracking capabilities, which help Foolproof better understand and manage employees’ day-to-day activities. Since implementing Workfront, Foolproof can forecast employee utilization four-weeks out within 10% accuracy, and within 30% accuracy, six-weeks out.

Before Workfront, Foolproof had the RepliconPPM system in place but the tool required Project Managers to plan projects via a spreadsheet and there was no resourcing functionality. As a result, it was difficult to assess the current status of all of the projects that the agency’s team of more than 100 employees was working on at any given time. A lack of transparency also led to Foolproof’s Resource Manager spending an inordinate amount of time preparing agency performance reports.

“Workfront delivers greater transparency at a project, portfolio, and client-level, providing management with more detailed profitability data,” said Rachel Sheppard, Resource Manager at Foolproof. “With Workfront, I can visualize employee utilization, including when employees are in use and where employees will be needed. That’s invaluable for my role.”

In addition to time tracking, Foolproof has automated reporting using Workfront. The work management solution is saving team members an aggregated 16 hours in monthly reporting time and 24 hours in weekly reporting time. For example, a monthly report that used to take the Resource Manager two full days to compile is now distributed in seconds from the Workfront Marketing Cloud. Similarly, weekly reports created by the Project Managers are now automatically distributed through Workfront to client partners.

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