Workfront Invites You To Take A Break From Your 'Al Desko’ Lunch!

by Workfront Admin
, 2 min read

Take a break from your ‘al desko’ lunch!

  • What: A place to take a break, enjoy your lunch, participate in adult colouring and grab yourself a free massage
  • Where: Spitalfields Market
  • When: 12th April 11am-3pm
  • Why: Workfront believe it is important to take a break

UK— April 7, 2016 — On Tuesday, 12th April Londoners are invited to head down to Spitalfields Market, from 11am to 3pm to take a well-deserved break, courtesy of work management provider, Workfront.

Workfront is taking over Spitalfields Market for one day only to create a chilled-out oasis in the heart of town, giving Londoners an excuse to get away from their desks and embrace their lunchbreak.

Free massages will be on offer to relax those shoulders and fight the knots we accumulate whilst hanging over our keyboard. Giant adult colouring boards will also be deployed to those looking to release their inner creativity and mindfulness. Finally, a zen garden will provide the perfect place to enjoy your lunch away from daily grind.

Why? The team at Workfront want to help educate the nation on the benefits of taking a break. Results from Workfront’s State of Work report showed us that Brits don’t take full advantage of our lunch break.

  • Only 20% of UK office workers take a full hour lunch break
  • Over half of us dine 'al desko' (at our desk)
  • 14% eat lunch on the move
  • One in ten (9.4%) don't take any break at all*

The ‘al desko’ epidemic is doing us more harm than good. Working through your lunch may seem like the obvious solution to complete your to-do list, however staying glued to your desk, on task, for eight or nine hours straight is actually a massive drain on productivity. Breaking up the day helps you retain information and be more on the ball during work time, when concentration is required.

The real solution is for offices to implement more streamlined processes which can eliminate the need for status meetings, cut down on email traffic and reduce unnecessary processes to give teams time back to be more productive and take a break. Workfront, facilitates this by providing a single software tool, which allows employees at all levels to collaborate and gain full visibility of the work being done giving you the time to take the lunch break you deserve.

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