JIRA to Workfront, Object Copy, SMS Alerts, Object Conversion, Extract Transform Load, Access Management Utility


Aurotech believes in simplifying work. Our goal is to improve the work lives of our customers, so they can build better products and provide excellent service to their customers.

One way we simplify work is through systems integrations. We reduce end-user effort and optimize workflow from, to, and through Workfront. In the end, our customers realize greater user adoption of Workfront, reduction is duplicated effort, and higher data integrity.

Another way we simplify work is through our Implementation and Workfront Remote Administration services providing high-level Workfront Administration services seamlessly for any Workfront client.


Key Integrations: 

  • Jira Integration
  • ETL
  • SMS Alerts

Key Certifications: 

  • (A) STARS II
  • (a) STARS Government wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC)
  • (a) Streamlined Technology Acquisition Resources for Services (STARS) II
  • GSA-IT 70 GSA – IT 70 For Aurotech’s IT – 70 Schedule

Regional Coverage:

  • North America: all of North America