Accelerate the life cycle of your work and increase cross-team visibility by connecting Workfront to your other cloud applications.


With Azuqua for Workfront, you can complete projects faster by connecting Workfront to your other cloud applications. Accelerate the life cycle of your work and improve project visibility by syncing information across applications, eliminating manual entry, and automating the critical components of your workflow.

Increase Efficiency

Leverage automation to smooth the hand off of work between teams and automate notifications based on custom triggers. Task marked complete? Let’s make sure the right people know about it.

For example, automatically create an on-boarding project for new customers by pulling data from a Closed Won opportunity in your CRM, sync relevant information into project fields, and send a notification to the project owner to get the ball rolling.

Improve Visibility and Reporting

Improve project visibility and reporting by syncing status updates, notes, and completion percentages across teams and applications.

Pull information from multiple applications to create a high level view of relevant information in Workfront so you spend less time logging into multiple applications and more time making progress towards your goals.

For example, automatically sync percentage complete statuses and project notes for IT tasks in JIRA and roll up relevant information into your Workfront project plan.

Accelerate Your Work

Azuqua and Workfront make your team more efficient. Projects get completed faster and teams stay focused on completing critical tasks while Azuqua automates the data entry, manual updates and flow of information between Workfront and the rest of your applications.

Interested in learning more? Let us know what applications you are trying to connect and we’ll show you how we can make it possible.


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