Bluprint X

Our Build & Run is a comprehensive implementation service that scopes out your needs and ensures that Workfront is rolled-out to suit your needs.



The success of a Workfront implementation lies - in large part - down to the initial scoping of the project. Identifying a need is one thing but truly understanding that need and your wider requirements is another... a time consuming one at that. It’s the classic Run vs Change dilemma and this is where Bluprint X’s Workfront: Build & Run can help you. 

Bluprint X’s Discovery process takes much of the heavy lifting away from the already busy leaders in your organisation, but they also understand where to find your pain points and needs… saving you valuable time. 

After collecting all this material, Bluprint X collates and visualises your ecosystem to deliver a plan of action that works for you. Working to this agreed plan of action, Bluprint X will implement Workfront and tailor it to your needs including any integrations required. 

With Build & Run, Bluprint X’s work doesn’t end there.  Our expert team will be on hand to: 

  • Support your team as they familiarise themselves with a new platform
  • Assist with troubleshooting
  • Help evolve and develop the tool further


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Contact: Matthew Lowe, BluprintX

Email: [email protected]


Phone: +44 (0)844 822 3936


WF Certified Consultants on Staff



Key Resources: 

Key Use Case Expertise: 

  • Drastically reduces risk of adoption
  • Support teams and individuals unfamiliar with the platform
  • Speeds up go-live

Key Integrations or Connectors: 

  • Marketing Clouds 
  • Leading CRMs
  • Many more native and bespoke integrations

Key Vertical/Industry Expertise: 

  • Financial Services & FinTech
  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing

Regional Coverage:

  • Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • North America