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    Why Capgemini and Workfront?

    Being a service partner with the largest corporations, Capgemini explores new avenues that ensure our clients stay competitive. Workfront improves traditional workflows and customer experiences. These integrations help streamline client project planning and reduce time to completion.

    We offer a complete solution with Workfront, Adobe, and Salesforce for enterprise marketing that use Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud solutions.

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    Our Workfront accelerators:

    With industry expertise and prebuilt Workfront integrations, we are well-positioned to digitize organizational processes. Capgemini does not implement Workfront as a point solution, but centralizes it as a platform connecting your work lifecycle together. Our key Workfront offerings are:

    •        Content velocity

    •        Omni-channel marketing campaigns

    •        Event management

    •        Health assessment for existing Workfront clients




    Platforms Capgemini connected to Workfront last year across CRM, Event Mgmt, Enterprise Reporting, MLM Automation and Service Mgmt.



    Top 2019 sectors where Capgemini has deployed a Workfront-based solution: Banking, Retail, Healthcare, Government, and Food Services.

    I just wanted to send a quick note from me personally…it really was terrific to work with you all at Capgemini and get to know you a bit. Your whole team has been so great and provided such a wealth of knowledge and insight for me even if it can’t all be applied to our business processes. I’ve felt significantly more confident about working in Workfront and on developing our processes after working with you all and I would be more than happy to work with you again in future.
    Joanna Patterson
    Business Optimization Manager

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    Capgemini Overview


    Optimizing the stack!

    Optimize your enterprise IT stack to fill the work-management gap and position IT as the irreplaceable digital transformation leader for your business. Capgemini and Workfront are partnering to enable IT with the right controls to improve workflows and efficiency across the company, demonstrating IT’s real impact on the bottom line. Your IT service-management tool was the first step but, to drive the digital shift your business is depending on, you need to incorporate modern work management and build an ecosystem that meets the needs of the whole enterprise.

    Enhance your ITSM tool with a modern work-management platform that brings the same urgency, speed, and order to the unstructured work that comprises 90% of today’s enterprise work. Intelligently connecting your intake and incident solution with a platform built for collaboration and knowledge work gives you true cross-enterprise visibility into all work being done. Learn more about how IT can lead digital transformation with a connected, collaborative way of working that helps your business innovate, compete, win, and grow. 

    Transform product development.

    Capgemini and Workfront give new product development teams the capabilities they need to commit to product roadmaps with confidence. The modern work-management platform will help you deliver new products to market in an efficient and automated way. This increase in productivity also allows more time to focus on quality and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. 

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