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Hoodoo helps bring sanity to asset management and proofing processes using Workfront and Workfront Proof.

Many organizations use Workfront to manage and organize their various work streams and they also use Adobe Experience Manager for their online channels. But most of these groups don't usually interact with each other. Each have their own processes and workflows. How do we eliminate the bottleneck of sharing the finalized assets, with their appropriate metadata, that doesn't require each team to log in to separate systems, or manually send files over email with spreadsheets containing metadata? By using the Workfront Connector for AEM . This connector creates a bridge for the Media Production teams in Workfront and the authoring teams in AEM.

Additionally, Hoodoo can help integrate Workfront Proof into the rest of the production pipeline including proprietary portals and other technology platforms.

Finally, with extensive implementation experience, Hoodoo will ensure you get the most out of Workfront.


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