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Portfolio, program and project management office change, transformation and adoption delivery


As a leader, it is likely that you are working in an environment where pressures and complexities are increasing while resources and budgets are decreasing. LCS will support and assist you, your team and your organizations make a significant shift from confusion to collaboration and from complexity to confident clarity.

Global Reach, local delivery

LCS delivers portfolio, program and project delivery leadership and delivery services in the United States (via LCS Inc.) and the United Kingdom / EU (via LCS Europe).


We focus on firming up the very foundations of your delivery functions while concurrently delivering high-value programs and projects. We address the core deliverables of valid, verified and current KPIs to equip leaders to make better decisions, faster. As a result, you feel more confident in what you are delivering to your customers and how you deliver.

Practical and Methodical

Our consultants, practitioners, and leaders have a broad range of formal qualifications including, but not limited to PRINCE2, Management of Risk (MoR), Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), Process Re-engineering, Agile, ADKAR, Principles of Change Management (PCM), Microsoft Office User Specialist and more.

Accredited and Experienced

These accreditations plus the requirement that each consultant has a minimum of 10 years delivery experience means that you get leaders who know the theory and the practical ‘real world’ application of the methodologies. We can speak the language of the theorists and demonstrate the behaviors of the pragmatist.

Some of the organizations that our consultants and we have worked for or delivered to include: BBC, Goldman Sachs, Interserve, Hermes Parcelnet, Claire’s Accessories, GeoPost (DPD), ETI – Shell, BP, E.On, EDF, Rolls-Royce, Caterpillar, Her Majesty’s Government, Ford Retail, and Jaguar-Land Rover.

Connected and Supported

We partner with organizations that are renowned for delivering high-quality products and services. Our business carries our family name. As such we place an extremely high value on our personal and professional reputations. Our name on the letterhead means that we stand behind our work and will only partner with organizations and people who commit to and demonstrate a similar level of professional integrity.

Our partners include:

Workfront, Talent Dynamics, Naked Leader, Wealth Dynamics, PRGM

Paid to DELIVER – Guaranteed

When working directly with LCS, we customize the delivery of the results you desire and require. Our fees are based on the delivery outcomes and products. Payments are based on milestones that contain tangible evidence of delivery and movement toward the agreed outcomes. We even offer a 2X Guarantee on specific projects. If we are not able to demonstrate a 2X Return on Investment, then you don’t pay any consultancy fees.

Simple Next Steps

To find out your organization's readiness for a SHIFT in delivery-focused behaviors and processes, take the SHIFT Readiness Survey. The survey is FREE and takes less than two minutes. You’ll get a brief, graphics-based and easy to digest report that will highlight:

• Your team’s strengths

• The degree of misalignment between rhetoric and reality

• Your team’s potential resistance to change

• Your team’s capability to implement change effectively

• The probability of failure of your next change or transformation effort with your team

Remember, the accuracy of the results of the survey requires you to answer the questions based upon the actual situation versus your aspirations.

LCS are experts in working with you to achieve your goals for more improved delivery and productivity from your team.


Request More Info


Contact: Marcellus Lindsay – Implementation/ Integration

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +44 121 515 2867


Key Resources: 

  • FREE Readiness Survey - How readily will YOUR team adopt and adapt?
  • FREE Pre-shift Report - Identify your team's strengths, quantify the risk
  • Charity Contribution Based Consultancy Session - Meet with an expert in exchange for a donation to their or your own charity (Valued Giving)

Key Use Case Expertise: 

  • Software Adoption - Improve the speed of adoption, Increase user utilisation and proficiency to achieve the benefits of your newly acquired software faster.
  • Remobilise Your PMO - 12 Week Engagement to review, refresh and refocus your team to regain alignment with your agreed delivery processes
  • Delivery & Change Process Development - 12 Week Boot Camp integrated with ongoing live delivery to develop repeatable, efficient, well-communicated delivery processes.

Key Vertical/Industry Expertise: 

  • Logistics
  • eCommerce
  • Facilities
  • Management Media

Key Certifications: 

  • Managing Successful Programmes

Regional Coverage:

  • Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA): Based in the United Kingdom. Also covering France and Germany  (via LCS Europe).
  • North America: Based in Texas. Covering the continental United States. Lindsay Consolidated Services (LCS) is a boutique consultancy that delivers focused, principal based, tangible results – guaranteed.