Resource Management & What If Analysis


Use Tempus Resource to gain insight and conduct what-if simulations against your Workfront resource management data.

Understand the effects of approving proposals, changing project timing, adding and removing headcount and the impact of new projects on your resources and project portfolio without altering or impacting your live Workfront data.

Many Resource Managers would like to do resource planning at the project level using FTE’s, Man-hours, % or cost. Tempus Resource provides an Excel-like interface that makes the transition from excel easy. Leverage Workfront for all of the task level planning and combine it with the high-level project resource planning many organizations leverage.

Powerful resource management including heat-maps and supply-demand graphics that highlight resource bottlenecks and Tempus Resource makes recommendations for resolution.

Tempus Resource, the Gartner 2016 Cool Vendor for Resource Planning, can be configured to integrate with Workfront in seconds and supports from 50 to 30,000 resources in the resource pool for departmental or global resource planning and what if scenario modelling.


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Contact: Greg Bailey 

Email: [email protected]

Additional Contact: 

Contact: Greg Bailey 

Email:  [email protected]

Phone: 713-985-9997


Key Resources: 

Help your company answer important questions: 

  • What happens to my capacity if I cancel a project?
  • When can I start a new project?
  • What if I move a project back?
  • Should I hire more people?
  • Who else can do this work? 

Key Integrations or Connectors: 

  • Seamless and simple out-of-the-box connection to Workfront

Key Workfront Add-ons:

  • What-if analysis
  • Resource planning at project level
  • Advanced Resource reporting using your Workfront data

Key Vertical/Industry Expertise: 

  • IT Resource Management and PMO Governance
  • R&D Engineering Resources
  • Product Development Resources

Regional Coverage:

  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • Latin America
  • North America