Put It Forward

On demand integration, data quality and orchestration with pre-built configurable solutions to 100's of systems for Workfront.


Put it Forward® is the solution that Workfront® users look to for help in running effective projects across the enterprise. This lets a user keep both project managers, marketing, sales, service and technology in the conversation and sharpen targeted execution across the enterprise.


Common Business Scenarios:

  • Sync project control in Workfront® with sales, marketing, service and technology 

  • Auto-create projects when requests are created

  • Get project performance roll up through consolidated reporting

  • Centralized activity management across processes and projects

  • Enhance forecasting models and reporting with deeper views of your team tasks - advanced just in time analytics

  • Fully configurable task, project, opportunity and account information mapping

  • Native integration with Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle, Marketo, SAP and many more

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PutItForward Integrations for Workfront

About Put it Forward - the product.  

  • Point the pre-built configuration based connectors to automatically integrate the source and destination
  • Click on the data services to add any business rules or transformations to the integration – Citizen IFTTT  
  • Choose your speed – real time to intra-day to custom
  • Bridge the Cloud and On-premise systems securely
  • Embedded data governance, control and reporting
  • Next generation auto-discovery and build technology

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Contact: Elsa Petterson - Workfront Partner Manager

Email: [email protected]

URL:  https://www.putitforward.com/partners/workfront

Additional Contact: 

Contact: Support

Email:  [email protected]


WF Certified Consultants on Staff



Key Resources: ​

Key Use Case Expertise: ​

  • Automate centralized project management across the organization
  • Integrate with multiple teams and groups
  • Embedded advanced analytics and reporting

Key Integrations or Connectors: ​​ ​

  • Marketing Clouds
  • Sales CRM Systems
  • Service Systems

Key Workfront Add-ons:

  • 100's of pre-built configurable integrations
  • Workfront and process orchestration
  • Embedded analytics and reporting

Key Vertical/Industry Expertise: ​

  • Finance
  • Healthcare

Key Certifications: ​

  • SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3
  • ISO 27001, ISO 1460

Regional Coverage:

  • Asia Pacific: We provide 24/7 global service and support
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA): We provide 24/7 global service and support
  • Latin America: We provide 24/7 global service and support
  • North America: We provide 24/7 global service and support