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Simplify end-to-end digital work management with Rego’s expert guides. We provide strategic services and integrations to over 800 clients.


How is Rego Different?

Rego Guides are Work Management experts who have worked on the ground in PPM leadership as Workfront implementers and administrators for small companies, as well as for large enterprises with thousands of users in worldwide territories and different markets.

Create an Enterprise Work Management Solution.

Centralize Your Projects

Gain complete transparency and improve delivery by managing your projects in one location.

Manage Your Digital Work Process

Invest in innovation by reducing time-to-market, so you can master ProofHQ to streamline work and achieve consistent results.

Review and Approve Digital Work

Streamline and eliminate mistakes with an intuitive, automated approval process.

Deliver Client-Facing Services

Create value for stakeholders and clients, and increase on-time delivery rates while you maximize resource utilization.

Govern Compliance Workflows

Establish control with automated audits that ensure brand and regulatory compliance.

Integrate Solutions

From Outlook to enterprise PPM Tools, Rego Guides can facilitate the flow of information between your tools to eliminate double-entry and increase user adoption.

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How Can Rego Help You?

Trusted by hundreds of organizations in the Portfolio and Project Management space, including 40% of Fortune 100 companies and 60% of Fortune 20 companies, Rego knows how Workfront best fits winning environments. Whether it’s project team sites, project management, or document management, we’ve customized solutions to meet the varying needs of organizations of all sizes and maturity levels.

Rego provides end-to-end consulting services.

New Implementations

We can help you decide what’s right for your organization. Our team is equipped to help you make the jump to an all-inclusive, cloud-based solution that fits your team’s goals and requirements. We’ll help you ensure efficient management and ease-of-use.

Strategic Consulting

With best practices and a value-driven approach, Rego provides advisory and technical Workfront consulting oriented to your organizational needs.

Automate and Integrate

Rego can help you simplify outdated management and redundancies through automated approval processes using Workfront. We are experts on integrations with Workfront and external tools like Smartsheet, Microsoft Office, Trello, ServiceNow, and Clarity PPM.

Workfront Training

Our team provides dedicated training sessions for various types of organizational users to ensure compliance and adoption. Eliminate the stresses associated with using new technologies by trusting our exceptional implementation record.

Managed Support

Get instant returns on your investment with a knowledgeable post-launch support team.

Upgrade or Migrate

Interested in moving to Workfront? Our team will carry out your migration and ensure a smooth transition focused on usability and data integrity.


Get instant ROI from effective Workfront configurations and solution development with Rego’s Expert Guides.


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