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    Stensul Partner Ecosystem

    Transforming email marketing.

    Stensul is transforming enterprise email marketing programs. Stensul is  the first email creation platform purpose-built to solve the world’s most challenging email problems. The platform is scalable and highly configurable to meet the challenges of the world’s most demanding brands. By removing all of the back-and-forth with designers, developers, compliance, and QA, users can focus on crafting content and campaigns that inspire and deliver results. Since inception, stensul has been the choice of the world’s best brands,  slashing email production timelines by 90 percent.


    Streamlining email approvals.

    Getting an important email out the door can be time-consuming, especially when it comes to reviews and approvals. 

    Stensul and Workfront have teamed up to solve this challenge, enabling seamless integration between the two platforms. Users can quickly and easily build emails in Stensul, and then send them for review and approval in Workfront.

    As comments come in, edits can be made and updated versions of an email seamlessly passed back into Workfront for final approval. Once the email has been approved, it can be pushed from Stensul to your existing email service provider (ESP) for deployment. No more copying and pasting!


    80 %

    Did you know that 80% of brands take one week or more to produce a single email?

    1 -5+

    Not only do emails take a long time, normally organizations have 1-5+ employees

    90 %

    Most companies are spending 90% of their email creation time on email execution, not email strategy.

    G2 crowd review
    Using the Marketo email template builder, even the newest one, was a huge pain for our team. There were so many bugs, editors hated it, and our emails were often broken if we didn’t do fifty rounds of QA testing. Stensul solved all of that and more. Our editors LOVE creating emails now using Stensul, and they don’t ever need to login to Marketo anymore. QA doesn’t exist, Stensul solves all of that for us, while making sure our emails look great, every single time. Also, we were able to build our email modules in less than a day, totally on our own, which was really empowering. The service of the Stensul team is awesome. They are super nice, really fast and responsive, and it shows that they work with a lot of big, important companies.
    G2 Crowd

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