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As a certified Workfront partner in APAC, our consultants have the know-how to ensure your implementation is tailored to your current or desired work practices.


WMA have refined the approach to implementing Workfront, proofing, DAM, and Fusion and we cover many sectors including Marketing, Manufacturing, Finance, Education, Government, opera houses and more.

Our Workfront and Fusion certified consultants advise and assist the analysis, set up, training, support and integration

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Contact: Nicky Allen

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WF Certified Consultants on Staff

Workfront Fusion Certified Partner

Key Resources: ​

Key Use Case Expertise: ​

  • A global consulting giant and WMA partnered to create a solution for their International Graphics Team request queues using Fusion for faster fulfillment times.
  • See our Kiwibank Case Study where we have helped give visibility to stakeholders through Workfront.
  • Sydney Opera House Marketing team won marketing team of the year at Mumbrella using Workfront

Key Integrations or Connectors: ​​ ​

  • Certified Workfront Fusion Partner
  • Certified Azuqua partner

Key Workfront Add-ons:

  • APAC face to face Workfront training

Key Vertical/Industry Expertise:

  • IT PMO
  • Agency
  • Marketing

Key Certifications:

  • PMP

Regional Coverage:

  • Asia Pacific: WMA is Workfront's APAC partner with over 8 years experience in the industry