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Core Features

Review & Approve Work
Review & Approve Documents
Mobile Apps (iOS / Android)
Track & Submit Timesheets
View Reports & Dashboards
Dynamic & Integrated Calendar Views


Integrates with Workfront DAM
Basic Integrations (Outlook, Box, Dropbox, Google)
Advanced Integrations (Webhooks, API)


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External Collaborator

Unlimited Requests
Unlimited Reports / Dashboards

Compliance & Security

Encryption at Rest
Audit Rights
Whitelist IP

Storage Per User*

1.5GB 10GB 25GB

Education & Support

Standard Education Course
Support Hours 12 x 5 24 x 5 24 x 7 x 365
Support SLA 2 hours –
2 business days
1 hour –
1 business day
30 min –
4 hours
* Storage is aggregated for the account as the total for all users.

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Review & Approval

Proofs 20 / Users / Month 25 / Users / Month Unlimited
Unlimited Guest Users
Version Control
Proof Branding
Mobile Solutions
Proof Delegation
Electronic Signatures
Resolved Comments
Action on Comments
Unread Comments
Comment @Mentions
Convert File (Document) to Proof
Automated Workflow
Enforce Secure Proofing
Custom Profiles
Rich Media Proofing
Integrates with Workfront
Encryption At Rest

Storage Per User*

1.5GB 10GB 25GB
* Storage is aggregated for the account as the total for all users.

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Workfront DAM Enterprise

5 Asset Manager Licenses
50 User Licenses
1 TB of DAM Storage
1 Brand Portal

Additional Asset Manager Users Users who can upload assets and configure metadata schemas, includes 10 additional end-user licenses
Unlimited End-User Package Unlimited number of end users
Brand Portal Custom-branded, end-user friendly portal
Dynamic Templates Templates that allow variable data, web-to-print, web-to-publish
Adobe InDesign Plugin Access to the Adobe InDesign Plugin
Adobe InDesign Plugin Users Users who can use the Adobe InDesign Plugin
Workfront DAM Storage Additional storage for active assets
Workfront DAM Archival Storage Long-term storage for DAM assets not readily needed

Add-On Functionality

Additional Storage
SharePoint Connector
Widen DAM Integration
Adobe AEM Connector
Named Support Rep