Great work starts with better planning.

How we help you plan. As often as needed.

Business planning used to be done annually. Then some organizations moved to quarterly. Today, planning needs to be done continuously to adapt to ongoing market shifts, respond to new data from existing plans, and stay ahead of the competition. Workfront Scenario Planner makes it easy.

“Strategy and execution can’t be done in isolation. Goals and Scenario Planner will connect these processes, giving us the ability to iteratively prioritize and plan, while ensuring every person involved in the associated work knows exactly where to focus their efforts. In today’s fast-changing environment, achieving this kind of agility and focus is absolutely critical.”
Jen Krempa
Executive Director, Strategic Planning and Administration

Determine a path forward.

Save and compare your scenarios, facilitate collaboration and consensus across the right people and teams, and commit your plan for execution. When you the right data, you can be confident in your decisions.

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As a complementary product to the Workfront application, Workfront Scenario Planner makes it easier to connect strategy, planning and work. To experience first-hand how Workfront connects teams, simplifies business planning, and aligns work to strategy, take a product tour.