Let Workfront help you make resource visibility the most important part of your project flight plan.

Flying blind is never wise—especially when it comes to resource planning with your team. Fail to account for what people are already working on, and you’ll likely impact critical-path projects without even realizing it. Default to giving all the assignments to the people you’re familiar with, and you may face employee burnout and the contentious team spirit that comes when workloads aren’t fairly balanced. Either way, you could be headed for a crash project landing.

With Workfront, you won’t be flying blind, solo, or off course. You’ll have the comfort of a fully functional instrument panel that tells you, in real time, who’s best-suited for the task, who’s available for the task, and who can take it on without compromising other important work. Going well beyond traditional resource management, Workfront Resource Visibility supports the following capabilities:

  • Build
  • Assign
  • Reconcile
  • Balance

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Every project involves building a team that can make it soar. So don’t rely on guesswork or the pool of people you’re most familiar with. Let Workfront use its robust data and intelligent algorithms to recommend team members who are well suited for each and every task.


You can even see an indicator of each person’s current workload—and how the new task will impact it. This bird’s eye view takes into consideration project tasks, ad hoc assignments, and even intangibles like personal to do’s and time off.


But if the right person for a particular job is over-allocated, redistributing other work to make room for the new task is a breeze! Simply use the new graphical calendar view to drag and drop work assignments across the team to share the love and balance the load.


It’s time to ground your old-school resource management tools. With the visibility to make smart decisions, you’re ready to get your employees producing at supersonic speed. When they’re clear on their tasks, properly load balanced, and assigned to work that suits their skills and availability, it’s “wheels up” to productivity and success!

Why Workfront

Workfront makes it easy for your entire team to manage all assets and documents through the entire work lifecycle. It will help your team have better visibility into work and be more efficient and productive.