2016-17 UK State of Marketing Work Report: UK Marketers Love Their Co-Workers

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Are marketers really happier in the UK?

Maybe not with everything, but certainly with their co-workers, according to the new 2016-17 UK State of Marketing Work Report, just released today. This report, which surveyed 200 marketers at UK enterprise-level companies, found that UK marketers had a greater affinity for their bosses and co-workers than their U.S. counterparts. They were also a bit more strapped for time to get things done.

These highlights from the report illustrate this:

  • After email, meetings, and other administrative work, UK marketers have only 36% of their time left for their primary job duties

  • When asked what gets in the way of work the most, marketers say wasteful meetings (64%) and excessive emails (61%) are the biggest offenders. 

  • At 42%, offices that are too hot/cold claim the honor of “Most Common Office Pet Peeve.”

​To find out what else is driving UK marketers—and driving them mad—download the entire "2016-17 UK State of Marketing Work Report." 

Or you can take in the highlights with the infographic below:

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