3 Keys To Delivering Marketing Projects On Time, Every Time


Lost momentum, team burnout, and chaos are the consequences of today’s typical marketing project management. If you’re one of the many struggling to manage marketing work effectively from request to delivery, your chances of producing low-quality work and delivering projects late are pretty high. To succeed at speed and quality, your marketing team needs to to automate their workflow.

Join Andrea Fryrear, President and Lead Trainer of AgileSherpas, and Jernae Kowallis, Workfront Content Marketing Specialist, in this on-demand webinar where you’ll learn how organization, agility, and work automation will help you:

  • Standardize and prioritize requests to help save time and eliminate confusion
  • Navigate through each step of the process to improve overall productivity
  • Keep collaboration within the context of marketing work, ensuring everyone is in the know and eliminating delays


Andrea Fryrear

President and Lead Trainer

Jernae Kowallis

Content Marketing Specialist