3 Ways to Better Streamline Product Development

Product development teams need to get products to market faster, while hitting deadlines and setting expectations with stakeholders and customers. But continually responding to change requests, maneuvering around roadblocks, and re-evaluating priorities--all while trying to innovate--makes staying one step ahead of the competition difficult.

Shifting to a more modern way of working can help your product development team to become more strategic and responsive, while driving organizational change and ultimately, creating more time for innovation. Join Lauren Newman, Product Development Systems Manager at Lacrosse Footwear, and Richard Whitehead, Product Marketing Director at Workfront, where they'll discuss three ways to work smarter, so that you can get more done.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

> How to build business processes that work
> How to improve overall visibility into work projects and tasks
> How to orchestrate work so you can get the precision and certainty you need

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Lauren Newman headshot

Lauren Newman

Product Development Systems Manager
LaCrosse Footwear
Richard Whitehead headshot

Richard Whitehead

Director, Platform Marketing