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3 Ways Marketing Can Drive Real Business Value


Erica Gunn
Erica Gunn
VP, Product Marketing
Jenifer Salzwedel
Jenifer Salzwedel
Jenifer Salzwedel
Sr. Director of Marketing Operations & Enablement, Poly
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Marketers are trying to build brands and drive demand in a tumultuous business environment. Distributed and remote teams need to work effectively and cross-functionally, but a fluid environment and shifting strategies make it challenging to pull off. How can you transform the way Marketing operates and demonstrate its real business impact and value?

In this webinar, we'll highlight a case study from Poly, a company born in 2019 from Plantronics and Polycom. We'll discuss how it transformed and empowered its teams to survive, thrive, and add value after COVID-19 hit.

Join us to learn how to:

  • Develop operational agility and business responsiveness
  • Make speed and efficiency a pillar of your department
  • Better align with teams and stakeholders to ensure your team is focused on the right work
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