3 Ways To Execute Marketing Work Smarter, Faster, Better



Marketers face constant roadblocks as they try to execute their best work. In fact, marketers report spending only 36% of their time performing their primary job duties. Busy work, ad-hoc requests, following up on feedback and approvals, it’s a classic work circus.

Why does the execution of work take more time and energy than it should? When you add up the time wasted switching between tools, waiting for approvals, and trying to get work right on the second, third, and fourth time, it creates significant delays. It also robs your team of time to do actual marketing.

Ready to make a change? In this on-demand webinar, we’ll uncover three ways you can execute marketing work smarter, faster, and better. You’ll learn how to:

  • Consolidate tools to work smarter
  • Centralize feedback and approvals to work faster
  • The importance of quality over quantity in content marketing
  • Standardize templates to save time and work better

About the presenters:

Andrea Fryrear

Chief Content Officer | Fox Content, Ltd.

Andrea is the chief content officer for Fox Content, where she uses agile content marketing principles to drive content strategy and implementation for her clients. She also writes for and edits The Agile Marketer, a community of marketers on the front lines of the agile marketing transformation. She geeks out on all things and content on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Drew Barnhart

Creative Services Traffic Coordinator | NRG

Drew Barnhart is a creative traffic manager at NRG. She has a passion for process development and workflow organization in supporting creative and marketing organization. At NRG, she and her team handles over 160 marketing projects every month.

Ashley Spurlock

Solutions Marketing Manager | Workfront

Ashley Spurlock is a content marketing strategist with over 10 years of experience in copywriting and managing projects in the marketing, technology, education, and fitness industries. At Workfront, she leads thought leadership content production and strategy for creative agencies and marketing teams.