3 Work Management Bandage Solutions and What They’re Costing You

Business owners are turning to IT to help align processes, smooth out workflows, and connect teams. A tall order when we still continue to work the way we’ve always worked, or we’re missing a modern, holistic strategy for work across the entire digital enterprise. When the IT organization is truly strategic, it can meet the needs of the business, help to overcome digital complexity, and assist the organization in leading real, transformational change.  

Shifting to a more modern way of managing IT work can help your organization to become more strategic, responsive, and help increase your perception as a leader in driving change. Join Brendan Bagley, IT Project Manager at Penn State University, and Steve Gentry, Chief Security Officer at Workfront, where they’ll discuss 3 common bandages for the digital work crisis, and show how to fix it with real solutions, instead of covering up the problem and hoping for the best.  

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to: 

> Shift to a more modern way of managing work 
> Consolidate work in one place to increase visibility, collaboration, and resourcing
> Support mixed methodologies
> Better orchestrate work with the precision and certainty you need
> Integrate with core systems to enable greater productivity

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 Brendan Bagley headshot

Brendan Bagley

IT Project Manager
Pennsylvania State University
Steve Gentry headshot

Steve Gentry

Chief Security Officer