4 Attributes of High Performing Teams. How the Best Organizations Get More Done

Business is more complex than ever, and multiple industries are undergoing rapid transformation. Customers are expecting not only a higher level of service but also world-class experiences in order to trust your brand. People and teams are under pressure to work faster and more efficiently.

For the past five years, Workfront has surveyed global leaders of business for our annual State of Work Report. Our goal: to capture not only how work is being done and what challenges knowledge workers see in the present, but to also see how current workplace trends are playing out in the near future. From a front-row seat, we've observed four fundamental attributes shared by teams and corporations that consistently outpace their rivals, year after year.­­

Join Alex Shootman, CEO of Workfront, and Bruce Dodworth, Independent Facilitator at Sea Glass Inc., on this webinar as they discuss how businesses can excel by focusing on:­
> Starting with visibility and context
> Actively managing work­
> Deploying technology to help people get work done
> Developing agility as a core competency­­Leveraging findings from the State of Work report 2020,
Alex and Bruce will share how these four attributes can help people get their best work done so companies can thrive.



Bruce Dodworth headshot

Bruce Dodworth

Independent Facilitator, Sea Glass, Inc.
Alex Shootman headshot

Alex Shootman

President & Chief Executive Officer