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4 Crucial Marketing Transformation Tips for CMOs

4 Crucial Marketing Transformation Tips for CMOs

As a CMO, you’re known for pushing the envelope when it comes to trying out new ideas, fresh approaches, and the latest tools and platforms. Today, digital transformation (DX)—the application of digital capabilities, such as technology and software, to processes, products, and assets—is helping CMOs improve efficiency, gain unprecedented visibility, and find new opportunities to add value.

The gains are real, but the risks associated with a botched DX initiative are real, too. So, how can you implement those tools that improve collaboration, improve time to market, and be a digitization leader in your wider organization while avoiding the pitfalls?

Find out how you can guarantee DX success with tips on:

  • Choosing a truly cross-functional team for initiatives
  • Build (and Show) Support
  • Structure for accountability
  • Achieve cross-departmental success 

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