4 Ways to Lead with Purpose. How to Be a Better Leader and Get Work Done Right

The modern workplace has radically transformed. Where we work, how we work, what we work on, and why we work no longer are the same as they were ten, or even five years ago. Leaders today have to ensure that their teams can succeed in the right organizational structure while dealing with massive change. This shift requires new and modern approaches to getting work done so that teams can excel from a cultural, leadership and vision perspective.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Alex Shootman, Workfront CEO, and Mark McGinnis, former Navy SEAL Commander and Managing Director of the SEAL Legacy Foundation, as they discuss some of the principles Mark first shared in the book, “Done Right”, with actionable, easy-to-follow recommendations.

What You’ll Learn:

> ­How to incorporate Commander’s Intent into your everyday work
> Corporate battle rhythm as a leadership tool ­
> Go/No Go prioritization­
> The power of resilience and how to grow it

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Mark McGinnis headshot

Mark McGinnis

Leadership Expert, SEAL Leadership
Alex Shootman headshot

Alex Shootman

President & Chief Executive Officer