5 Secret Killers Of Your IT PMO




IT leaders have it rough, trying to get projects out on time even when they can’t quite see who has what on their plate or what might be coming next. They try to create ad-hoc systems to address the problem, but all the status meetings, spreadsheets, and emails in the world don’t seem to make any difference. At the end of the day, it seems like project management itself—and the tools that drive it—are just plain broken.

Fortunately, there is a way to fix how IT leaders manage their teams’ work. Join Workfront, a leader in IT Project Management, as we identify five secret costs that are killing your PMO (and your productivity), and give actionable insights to help you put a stop to them.

In this webinar, you'll

  • Learn how IT teams can buck the trend of high failure rates
  • Discover ways to end the work methodology war and enable your teams
  • Understand the effect that status updates and meetings are having on your work
  • Explore better ways to get visibility, predictability, and efficiency into your workload

About the presenters

Naomi Caietti

Founder and Director

Naomi Caietti Consulting

As the Founder and Director of Naomi Caietti Consulting, Naomi offers virtual services to niche clients. She is a sought-after speaker, coach and published author, and has spoken to thousands of project managers around the globe. Before she started her own company, Naomi had over 25 years’ corporate experience as a credentialed project manager in public, private and nonprofit sector focused on managing high visibility enterprise information technology (IT) implementations in key industries.

Nick Scholz

Solutions Marketing Manager


As Solutions Marketing Manager for Workfront, Nick has helped build the marketing strategy and content for Workfront and their services organization. He loves to help marketing teams find the right methodology, tell the right story, and create content that adds real value for customers. When he’s not busy consuming work chaos, he can be found telling scary stories to his older son, or dancing in the kitchen with his younger one. He also loves writing, spending time with his wife, eating desserts of any kind, and listing things in groups of three.