5 Signs You're Facing a Digital Work Crisis and How to Solve Them

The role of the IT professional is rapidly changing. From a traditional service-oriented role to the modern enterprise change agent, today's executives look to IT leaders to digitize processes, boost productivity and keep organizations ahead. This pressure to update and improve is complicated by the complexity of the modern workplace: countless solutions, approaches, versions and global players, making the quest to transform enterprise work more chaotic and harder to control.

­Join Chris O'Neal, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Workfront, along with Josh Blackwood, Principal Technology Solutions Consultant at ADP, to examine five core problems hurting IT's ability to deliver on digital transformation and be the strategic partner their business needs. We'll cover topics like:

> Optimizing budgets and resource planning with better work visibility
> Leveraging technology to increase time spent on value-adding work
> Reconciling diverse work management needs and tools
> Scaling processes to better focus on top priorities
> Better enabling cross-functional work and initiatives

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Josh Blackwood headshot

Josh Blackwood

Principal Technology Solutions Consultant, ADP