5 Things Keeping You From Being A Great Creative Director




Join David Lesué, former Adobe designer and current Workfront creative director, as he shares five lessons he has learned over the past 15 years as a graphic designer, art director, and creative director. This session will give you a crash course in how to: 
  • Make your team's work shine 
  • Minimize time-sucking processes
  • Demand fair treatment from your clients 
  • Say no to garbage jobs

About the presenter:

David Lesue

David Lesue

Creative Director | Workfront

David Lesué has worked professionally as a graphic designer, UX designer, and creative director for the last 15 years. He has worked for Omniture, RiSER, Brigham Young University, and Adobe. David currently leads the efforts of the creative services team (Web, print, and video) as the Creative Director for Workfront.