5 Things You Hate About Your Project Management Tool

5 Things You Hate About Your Project Management Tool

Let’s face it; you could love your job more.

As a project leader, you need to be able to communicate effectively across the range of contributors and stakeholders. But your PM tool isn’t helping you manage the work efficiently.

If you’re like most project leaders, you hate your PM tool because:

  • Team members won’t use it
  • Project conversations can’t be tracked
  • Ad hoc requests don’t fit anywhere
  • It doesn’t work the way you do
  • Reporting is a nightmare

While project management tools can be very powerful, they often fall short of helping you be truly efficient. Until now.

Learn how to fix your PM tool and like your role as project leader again.

“As a project leader, your job depends on the ability to communicate up, down, and across the range of stakeholders. That information is used to build plans, set schedules and budgets, and track progress. Although most project leaders use some sort of project management tool in their work, many have developed a love-hate relationship with it.”