5 Ways to Keep Newly Remote Teams Engaged and Productive

With a large percentage of knowledge workers now working remotely--many for the first time--typical work habits and behaviors have been upended. Going to the office for the social element of work, or to be able to see team members in person to banter ideas back and forth, is now only happening in virtual spaces. The process of keeping up with your team, collecting status on projects and reporting out on work is also made more difficult with a geographically dispersed workforce- but it doesn't have to stop your productivity.

Join Matt Broschinsky, Sr. Transformation Advisor at Workfront, where he'll explore 5 guiding principles for this new world of work in disconnected times, to ensure people feel engaged, deadlines can still be met with quality output, and work connection can still be established.

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Matt Broschinsky headshot

Matt Broschinsky

Senior Transformation Advisor