7 PPM Trends for the New World of Work

As the world transitions to a "new normal" and acclimates to remote work and cross-team collaboration, IT is in the best position to lead real organizational change. Change needs to made from traditional ways working that just don't work (i.e. inefficient processes, poor reporting, trouble prioritizing, and lack of visibility into work) to real solutions to improve productivity and empower teams to succeed. Project and Portfolio Management links tactical initiatives with corporate goals and shows the assets and efforts used to bring success to both. An effective PPM strategy can help your team lead transformational change, and better demonstrate the value of your entire organization.­­

In this webinar, you'll hear from Richard Whitehead, Product Marketing Director at Workfront and Steve Winchester, CMO, SVP Business Development, Wes McCoubrie, Senior PPM Consultant, and Jacob Cancelliere, Strategic Advisor & Account Manager at Rego Consulting as they discuss the critical strategies that will help power your new way of working in 2020. These key trends can help you make the shift from reactive to proactive, and help your team lead the rest of the organization into the new world of work visibility, transparency, and effective collaboration, no matter where you're working from.

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Steve Winchester headshot

Steve Winchester

CMO, SVP Business Development, Rego Consulting
Jacob Cancelliere headshot

Jacob Cancelliere

Strategic Advisor and Account Manager, Rego Consulting
Wes McCoubrie headshot

Wes McCoubrie

Senior PPM Consultant, Rego Consulting
Richard Whitehead headshot

Richard Whitehead

Director, Platform Marketing