A Survival Guide For The Future Workplace

How is the way we work changing in enterprises? And what will it look like in five years? A newly released report on the state of enterprise work reveals a workplace beset with old tools and practices, and growing optimism toward flexibility and automation. But how will these findings affect your team's ability to survive and thrive in tomorrow's marketplace?

To help us make sense of this data and get some tips on how to move forward, work management experts James Wallman, Sophie Wade, and Alex Shootman joined forces in this on-demand webinar to unpack the report's findings and provide answers to questions like:

  • What wasteful practices and tools are killing productivity and keeping teams from transitioning into tomorrow's winners?
  • How is flexibility transforming today's office and how can leaders get ahead of this trend?
  • Is work automation a threat or a blessing?
  • Where can leaders find the balance between artificial intelligence and human intelligence?



Alex Shootman headshot

Alex Shootman

Sophie Wade headshot

Sophie Wade

Author and Workforce Innovator
Flexcel Network
James Wallman headshot

James Wallman

Author and Work Futurist
The Future is Here