Across the Seams, Down to the Platform

Management needs to step back and consider how to better integrate processes across the ‘seams’ that divide different organization units, each of which may have their own ways of working, different decision-making approaches, and different processes, roles, and protocols.

In this one-hour webinar, you will discover:

> Why the largest scale issues confronting business is automating collaborative work across the ‘seams’ in different organizational groups
> How to scale work with control but allow flexibility
> How to get from a fragmented world to something more coherent
> Why leaders need a platform to act as an operating system for work
Attendees will learn the importance of ‘platforming work’ in an accelerated world.


Stowe Boyd headshot

Stowe Boyd

Analyst, GigaOm Research
Chris O'Neal headshot

Chris O'Neal

Sr. Product Marketing Manager