EMEA Navigate, Adapt, Succeed Series: Adapting to Changing Market Forces

Due to rapidly shifting market forces, more and more companies are transitioning to remote work. We might be tempted to think that using video conferencing and messaging tools are enough to help us achieve effective "remote working" but collaboration at scale demands processes and technology that can keep teams focused, aligned and engaged and allow for quick changes to programs, budget spend and key initiatives, often without much warning. When the market shifts and your current plans are no longer relevant, how do you quickly pivot spend, strategy, and marketing programs to address the changing market?

In this session, Workfront VP of Product Marketing, Erica Gunn will discuss how businesses in today's constantly evolving market need to develop and implement programs and technology to enable greater flexibility and better access to the right data to make smart decisions in times that are often uncertain.

You'll learn the importance of:

> Allocating budget to priorities
> Efficiently planning and prioritizing work
> Providing visibility into work
> Future proofing your work planning and execution processes

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Jada Balster headshot

Jada Balster

Vice President, Marketing
Adobe Workfront
Erica Gunn headshot

Erica Gunn

VP, Product Marketing