Agencies Don't Have To Be Chaotic: 5 Expert Tips From C3




Creative agencies are facing many challenges as they tackle the age-old problem of increasing profit margins and satisfying clients. But while expectations and profits grow, the chaos of agency work has grown with it. As executives worry about the bottom line, traffic managers, designers, and others are worrying about the obstacles that can keep them from getting projects over the finish line—poor project visibility, scoping shortfalls, resource management issues, and communications breakdown.

In this agency world of wild schedules and tiny timelines, what does it look like when an agency beats the chaos, solves these common problems, and cracks the code of agency efficiency?

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn about C3’s journey to greater efficiency, profitability, and client satisfaction, and:

  • Learn how to remove and optimizing tools for better visibility
  • Discover their method for creating more efficient processes
  • Understand the true impact of good routing and reporting
  • Determine how to finally tackle resourcing challenges

About the presenters:


Emily Higinbotham

Senior Process Manager | C3

Emily is a Sr. Process Manager who has been working with diverse teams of client and creative services, production and external partners for over 10 years. She has experience in leading successful enterprise system implementations with cross-functional team members in an agency environment. She is most passionate about enabling people to work smart so they can become the most creative, innovative and very best version of themselves!


Jake Wells

Senior Value Engineer | Workfront

As a Value Engineer with Workfront, Jake has a focus on Workfront’s agency clients and prospects to assist them in evolving their work management processes, achieve efficiencies and discover greater value in the use of the product. Jake joined Workfront after spending more than a decade working inside agencies where he played a portfolio leadership role for the major brands guiding and producing advertising and marketing efforts. Jake’s background also includes web and applications development, project management and application architecture.