Ameritas Case Study



  • Managing high workloads during a rebranding campaign
  • Lack of standard project management process
  • Inflexible and manual intake solution


  • Increased collaboration satisfaction by 50%
  • Cut meeting time in half
  • Reduced review cycle time and cost 40%
  • Improved communications

In 2012, Ameritas embarked on a comprehensive company rebranding initiative. The undertaking placed tremendous pressure on the creative services team charged with managing all of the design and content changes—ranging from logos and videos to web pages and print collateral. In 2013, it became apparent the existing task management tool was insufficient for the initiative.

The creative services team prioritized requirements, evaluated alternate tools, and deployed the Workfront solution to efficiently manage their work. The hosted application enabled real-time collaboration and project updates. It also helped team members manage increased workload volumes and resource capacity during the corporate rebrand. Today, Workfront is still improving communication and visibility for colleagues interacting with creative services.