app Overview

Oracle Responsys® and Workfront® Simplified

Put it Forward® enables the rapid connection and collaboration of business systems through on demand technology.

Designed for the marketing analyst, evangelist or operations specialist, Put it Forward’s® “No Code” graphical experience accelerates and simplifies the ability to work with data.

Extend beyond connecting into operations governance, data quality and customer life cycle management. All within the same application.

Key Features

Common Scenarios:

  • Campaign control in Workfront® with campaign execution from Oracle Responsys®
  • Campaign synchronization and attribution
  • Centralized activity management across processes and systems
  • Cycle contacts back into leads if not ready yet for ordering
  • Enhance forecasting models and reporting with deeper views of your campaign universe
  • Data analysis to determine effective sales behaviors and close rates driven by marketing events
  • Create exposure across the customer life-cycle not just funnel development