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Customer Success: Introducing a New Community and an Expanded Help Center

Customer success is always our top objective at Workfront. Today, we're proud to introduce a fresh way for our customers to get more from Workfront: a new customer community and an expanded help center. You’ve probably noticed some changes to how you access Workfront support, service, training, and consulting. We’ve introduced a Customer Success portal the starting point to a newly expanded Help center and a brand new Workfront customer community. You can click on “Help” to get to support, services, and documentation, or “Community” to start connecting with other users. Let’s start with the Help center, where support, training, system news,... Read More

Workfront to Expand Customer Programs in 2016, Including User Groups

Our customers' enthusiasm for getting together with one another has only grown since Leap 2015. With that in mind, we’re excited to say that Workfront is expanding our customer programs in 2016 and giving you new ways to connect. First, we’re rolling out Workfront User Groups. Focused on improving product use by bringing users together to share, solve problems and give feedback, the Workfront User Group program includes both live events and online components. We’ve begun piloting the live events program in several cities leading up to Leap 2016 in May. The first of these pilots was last month in Minneapolis.... Read More