Marcus Varner

Marcus Varner

Over the last nine years, Marcus Varner has worked in every type of content—from writing to video production to design. His focus is always on breaking through the clutter while engaging audiences with brands' most foundational messaging. He currently oversees all corporate- and awareness-level level content at Workfront.
Posts by Marcus

What is Hurting the Working Environment in the UK?

How does your working environment measure up to other offices around the U.K.? Are you facing the same challenges that hurt productivity and morale—like lack of faith in leadership, too many distractions from your "real job," late nights working from home, and a disappearing lunch hour? Get a glimpse of the current state of the UK workplace in a fascinating new Slideshare from Workfront, the result of a recent survey conducted among 2,051 office workers ages 18 and older. Are you among the 96% who think of themselves as “very or quite productive”—despite all the challenges you face in the... Read More

Marketing Predictions 2016: Q&A with Joe Staples

What can marketers expect in 2016? What trends and challenges are going to rearrange the marketing landscape this year, giving advantages to some and punishing others? What moves can marketers make now to be on the winning side of this upheaval? Recently, we sat down with Ted Rubin, Robert Rose, and our very own CMO Joe Staples to get their prognosis on where 2016 will take marketers. Following is the conversation we had with Joe: What should marketers be focusing on going into 2016? As marketers approach a new year, certainly they’re looking at what they’re going to focus on. For me, it... Read More

Marketing Predictions 2016: Q&A With Ted Rubin

What challenges and opportunities can we marketers expect in 2016? In the last week, we’ve released our interview with Content Marketing Institute’s Robert Rose, wherein he answered this very pressing question. Today, we’re excited to share our interview with social marketing strategist Ted Rubin. I asked Ted questions nearly identical questions to those I posed to Robert, but his answers reveal an alternate side of marketing we would all do well to give attention to this year. What do you think everyone's going to be talking about going into 2016? Are they focusing on the right things? A lot of people are asking... Read More

Robert Rose's Marketing Predictions for 2016

What does 2016 hold in store for us marketers? Will we be pounded by another tsunami-sized wave of martech solutions? Will the pace of competition continue to spiral to even greater heights of intensity? What should marketers be doing to pivot to the new year’s challenges and come out victorious? To get a glimpse into upcoming marketing developments in 2016, I sat down with Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer at the Content Marketing Institute. He was kind enough to share with us what he’s seeing in the tea leaves for the coming year: What will everybody be talking about going into 2016?... Read More

Marketing Predictions 2016: 3 Thought Leaders Weigh In

If you’re like us, dear marketer, you’ve probably been in planning mode since October, already living mentally in 2016. Now the rest of the world has finally caught up with you. Yes, it’s true. The year 2016 has arrived and with it a new crop of challenges and opportunities for marketers. But while hindsight is always 20/20—we can all name something in 2015 we should’ve seen coming a mile away—our future isn’t so clear. So what challenges and opportunities can marketers look forward to this year? Luckily, we have access to thought leaders who tend to be pretty great at calling trends... Read More

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