Robert Rose

Robert Rose

Robert Rose is an author, a speaker, a consultant, and the Chief Strategy Officer for the Content Marketing Institute and a senior contributing consultant for Digital Clarity Group. He innovates creative and technical strategies for a wide variety of clientele, such as AT&T, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Petco, Caterpillar, ADP, Fairchild Semiconductor and KPMG.
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Creating a Content Marketing Process

Let’s talk about process for a second. No, wait, wait, don’t click away. I promise this isn’t going to be some nitty gritty, granular examination of workflow in the enterprise. Though, to be honest it wouldn’t kill ya to get some of that as well. So, one of the most common content marketing failures I see in all my travels is the inability for the business to create an “operation” around the creation of content marketing. What I mean by that is that, right now, the process of creating content is kind of like, “Well, who can do it?” Content is... Read More