Sam Petersen

Sam Petersen

Sam has worked in a number of marketing roles in both the agency and corporate worlds, including creative services, marketing strategy, PR, investor relations, and corporate communications. He now sits on the solutions marketing team at Workfront Monday through Friday, and goes to the mountains or the pickle ball courts on the weekends.
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3 Productivity Hacks for Creative Teams

“Less is more,” Uncle Joe always used to say; but did Uncle Joe really think that one through? What about battery life, sleep, and common sense? As much as I respected Uncle Joe, I’m going to challenge him and contend that less is not always more, especially when it comes to visibility on a creative team. Perhaps less visibility is the norm, but it’s not the ideal. Workfront conducted a survey last year revealing that more than half of marketers and office workers rank “a lack of communication and visibility” among their greatest challenges. Here’s why visibility usually suffers so much... Read More

How to Build Team Credibility

Creatives are a vital part of any organization. They own the voice, the tone, and the look and feel of the brand—the intangibles that bolster and support not only a brand’s image, but also its larger message and value. Still, their contributions are often overlooked or under-appreciated by the larger organization, which is why 69 percent of in-house professionals say gaining respect and value recognition from internal clients and executives poses the greatest challenge for them in the near future. Executives and internal clients want numbers; that’s how they assign credibility. But creative teams specialize in design, not in numbers. And... Read More

Project Planning Best Practices

Project planning is tricky on a corporate creative team. Too little planning causes chaos and frustration; and too much planning causes a lot of administrative work and not enough time for creative work. Ultimately, the planning stage of the creative workflow determines how smoothly your projects move through the creative process, which is why it’s so important to spend some time at the beginning of a project and get your planning right. In the larger scheme of a typical creative team’s workflow, project planning follows the request stage, where, ideally, a traffic manager or creative director receives all incoming work requests... Read More

Request Management on a Creative Services Team: How to Kill Request Chaos

The process of receiving new work requests (often called the “intake process”) is where the corporate creative workflow starts, and sadly, it’s often where order and visibility end. For an in-house creative services team, random requests can come from anywhere in the company at any time—HR wants a new employee flyer, marketing needs a web banner designed, sales wants you to create some cool graphics for a presentation. And they come at you in every conceivable way: phone calls, emails, taps on the shoulder, or scribbled on a sticky note. As the requests pile up, your team quickly falls into reactive mode,... Read More

Resource Management for Creative Teams

For creative directors of an in-house creative services team, resource utilization (a fancy phrase in project and resource management speak that refers to how effectively you’re balancing your team members’ skills and time) is a constant concern. Maybe you’ve asked yourself questions like these: How do I ensure everyone’s workloads are balanced? Does Stacey have too much on her plate? Does Richard have enough on his plate? Does Brent have projects that match his skill set? If resource utilization isn’t one of their biggest worries, perhaps it should be, considering 80 percent of creative marketers feel overworked and understaffed, and one... Read More

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