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Workfront-Adobe Integration is a Big Win for Creative Teams

Working with a dozen browser tabs and applications open, endlessly toggling back and forth among them, is not the most efficient way to get things done. Not only does it slow down your computer, it can also tax your mental focus. Software integration to the rescue. When two companies that provide separate but complementary services decide to team up, everyone wins—especially the customer. And Workfront’s newest integration with Adobe Experience Manager and Creative Cloud is a big win for creative teams. MarketingCloud41, an industry blog that focuses on solutions within Adobe Marketing Cloud, recently reported: “Despite the amazing tools available in... Read More

Why Employee Wellness Programs Matter

Would you like to see your team members become more engaged in the workplace? Set up an employee wellness program. In The Wellness Effect, a recent study from The Economist Intelligence Unit that was sponsored by Humana, employees reported the following benefits of participation in wellness programs: 91% improved their personal fitness 89% experienced greater overall happiness and well-being 67% increased their engagement in their employer’s mission and goals Workplace wellness programs can include group activities or challenges, onsite gyms or other health and wellness services, individual counseling, financial incentives, group education, healthy food options, reduction in healthcare premiums, onsite massage, and other benefits. Some... Read More

What is the Best Project Management Software for PR Teams?

I often get blank stares when I tell people I am a public relations professional because many have no idea what public relations means, let alone what I actually do. The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) defines it this way: “Public relations is a strategic communications process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organization and their publics.” In my experience, public relations (PR) activities are typically done in-house through your marketing or communications team, or are outsourced to an agency. Whether done in-house or through an agency, a PR professional’s core responsibility is to build relationships with a target... Read More

Office Holiday Party Disasters

Shelbi Gomez
Shelbi Gomez
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If your holiday office party this year ends up being fun and festive, count yourself lucky. If it is merely awkward and boring, you can still breathe a sigh of relief. Because at least one of these embarrassing incidents from around the Web didn’t happen to you—not yet, anyway: You didn’t get hypnotized and then perform a convincing Madonna impersonation that none of your coworkers will ever forget You didn’t get drunk, lost, accosted by ruffians, then reported missing while you were actually back at work, sleeping under your desk until 11 a.m.. You weren’t asked to sit on your regional manager’s lap... Read More

How's Your Email Productivity?

Email can be an invaluable productivity aid for office workers—enabling asynchronous communication between colleagues in different locations and timezones, providing a searchable record of work conversations, even offering rudimentary task-tracking capabilities. As the Slideshare above points out, 88% of enterprise workers say email makes them more productive. On the flip side, 40% of enterprise workers also complain that excessive email gets in the way of their work. "After email, meetings, and interruptions, office workers have only 45% of their time for the work they were hired to do." —State of Enterprise Work Report One of the biggest benefits of email?... Read More

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