Case Study

Barnabas Health Case Study

Barnabas Health PMO Unites 62 Business Units, Increases Capacity by 25%


In 2007, Barnabas Health, which treats over 2 million patients per year at seven medical centers, was undergoing a major transformation to centralize their clinical systems and to promote meaningful use through greater enterprise-level visibility. As part of this initiative, PMO Director John Novak performed an evaluation and found that their tools couldn’t keep up.

Up until that point, the PMO’s tools consisted of a mix of spreadsheets, Microsoft Project, and sticky notes. Project managers spent hours chasing down information throughout the week, only to spend half of their day every Friday preparing reports for John and upper management. Throughout this process, team members tended to make small changes to templates, resulting in a great deal of inconsistency in the team’s data.

Unfortunately, all of this work yielded only minimal visibility into the team’s work and resources. Often, John was only able to give his best guess on costs, who was working on what, or where resources were assigned. He could see general status on projects, and project value was a mystery until projects were closed. Unable to gain a view into resource commitments, team members often found themselves over-committed, reacting by working late nights and weekends to meet their deadlines.

With such a serious lack of visibility, John decided to start shopping for a new tool.


  • Lack of visibility into the team’s work and resources
  • Hours chasing down information throughout the week
  • Unable to gain a view into resource commitments


  • Project capacity increased by 25%
  • Senior managers visibility into projects at the portfolio and enterprise level
  • PMO become more aligned than they ever had been in the past

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