BT Enterprise Snapshot

by Kyna Baker
, 1 min read


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BT Enterprise


London, UK


  • Transition to a new tool quickly
  • No way to reliably evidence work they were doing
  • Too many tools to track work


  • Managing demand, resources, and priorities in one place.
  • Increasing transparency between executives and stakeholders
  • Simplification to create a data-driven decision making environment 

“ Workfront delivered transparency. Anyone can view projects at any time, data can be extracted easily, by anyone. People I didn’t expect are doing just that: they’re self-serving rather than asking someone else to do it for them!” 

—Conor Josey, Head of Digital Delivery for BT Enterprise

Working together, Workfront helped BT Enterprise create a new state of transparency, where stakeholders across all levels have access to what they need to solve problems and deliver results.